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Kindness [61]

I fell into a really weird place in middle and high school.  I was picked on all through elementary school because I just didn’t get it.  You know, the whole make friends with certain people because of certain reasons: hair, … Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliette [59]

When my husband and I first started dating back in high school, we were forbidden from seeing each other.  We weren’t allowed to talk, share friends…anything.  His Mom had issues with us dating.  To this day I’m not entirely sure … Continue reading

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Lucky [43]

Considering today is St. Patrick’s Day…and Shamrocks typically signify “luck,” I’ll roll with that theme for today. Tell me: how lucky have you been? Old Friend from Far Away, Natalie Goldberg. I’m a lucky girl.  And I think in most … Continue reading

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a road full of rage [5]

We were only about ten miles from our exit.  Who knew so much drama could unfold so quickly.  I know, those of you who know me are probably shaking your heads because you know me too well. J was driving. … Continue reading

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An Island of Misfits…

A young couple who are residents of mine have broken up.  And through the mess of their break up and move out configurations, I’ve gotten to learn that the break up isn’t even.  The boy’s heart is broken in two, … Continue reading

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Young & Foolish Turns Into Old and Wise?

I realized something tonight.  I’m old.  I may not be old in number, but I am old in spirit.  By nine each night, I’m ready to wind down and get in bed.  It doesn’t matter where I am or what … Continue reading

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