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what i’m loving wednesday

Join in on the fun and link up here! 1) For some unknown reason I went the last two days without coffee.  Why would I ever do this to myself, you ask?  I honestly have no answer for you.  We … Continue reading

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Such a tummy ache [97]

[photo] I heard there were cupcakes.  I’ll take one.  Or a hundred. I am so full.  Stuffed full of cupcakes.  Sometimes I like to pretend like I am strong and that I can resist them, but who am I kidding? … Continue reading

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Home stretch [91]

I love you guys, but can I just say how excited I am to be in the last 10 days of this 100 day blogging challenge?  I don’t know why, but I’ve found it much harder to make it a … Continue reading

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What I’m Loving Wednesday [88]

I’m loving the fact that it’s Wednesday.  Seriously.  This week has already been massively crazy and I’ve just been waiting for it to settle down or something.  I’m not sure it’s going to, but at least it’s Wednesday. I’m loving … Continue reading

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What I’m Loving Wednesday [82]

Firstly, once again the ones I love are in the direct path or horrible terrible scary and disastrous weather.  Please say a little prayer for all those affected.  Luckily the storm is going to skirt right by us here in … Continue reading

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confessions of a polish-aholic. [66]

I don’t know if you guys know this about me.  But I’m like…addicted to nail polishes.  Maybe not actually addicted, but I just love love them.  I love seeing all the different ones the college kids who come in to … Continue reading

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