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6 Places…

I’m going to warn you.  I took a tylenol PM about 7 minutes ago so this post may end abruptly. 6 places The Dickens’s House: this will probably always be my number one favorite place.  It’s home.  It looks like … Continue reading

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Settled Down…

I’ve been working this last week to finally settle into our house.  I know you’re probably thinking, “gee, didn’t you move in like two months ago?”  Yes.  We did.  But life took off pretty quickly (thank God) when we got … Continue reading

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oh so much!!!

Oh my gosh, y’all.  We have so much going on it’s insane.  And I swear I’ve been stress eating popcorn and cupcakes like they’re going to save my life.  No really, I’m not joking… I wouldn’t be surprised if I … Continue reading

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5! [90]

1) I really want to go here.  And I really want to paint this picture: Too bad I have to work that day :( 2) I am so super excited!  Sunday night one of my coworkers and I (and whomever … Continue reading

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Twisters back home [71]

So I’ve spent the last hour or so on the phone with friends and family members because apparently a huge tornado tore through Raleigh, NC today.  And I was serving cupcakes all day long like nothing was wrong.  I just … Continue reading

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Domestic: the running of a home [60]

Today I worked harder than I do at work.  From the moment I woke up I was cleaning.  I cleaned things I didn’t even know needed cleaning.  Sometimes I just get in those moods where everything I see looks disgusting and … Continue reading

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When you stop missing something [34]

I had a strange revelation today.  And it’s one I’m kind of afraid and ashamed to admit. When we first moved here to Georgia, I would have done anything, and I mean anything, just to go home.  I missed the … Continue reading

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