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Whatcha been up to?

I did a little past blasting yesterday.  I scrolled through my facebook wall way back to when Mr. Husband and I were first engaged.  I’d forgotten how crazy, bizarre and busy things were.  I was constantly looking for a job, … Continue reading

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Lessons: The Hard Way with The Smitten Mintons!

I hope you are all excited to welcome my second guest poster: Julie, from The Smitten Mintons.  Her lesson is a good one, so listen up!  {And show her some love!} Hey y’all! I’m Julie from The Smitten Mintons and … Continue reading

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Don’t chase ’em.

Let’s talk for a minute about this.  Though this is a simple statement, it resonates so deep in my soul I felt the earth move when I read it.  It can mean so much.  It can mean so very little. … Continue reading

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Sitting Pretty

Ugh, you guys.  I’ve been so sick this entire week.  First it was a chest cold that wouldn’t seem to lift then yesterday morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn vomiting.  [no guys, I’m not pregnant.]  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Well, hello.

Hi Friends. How are you?  Good, I hope.  I’m exhausted and my back aches from leaning over cupcakes all night frosting my happy tail away.  Yup, tonight was another week of extended hours.  The difference?  I was prepared to be … Continue reading

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Memorial Day!

I know I’ve mentioned before that I have a huge family.  So whenever we get the chance to get any portion of us together, we jump at it.  Memorial Day was one of those chances for us.  My oldest sister … Continue reading

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100! 100! 100! 100! 100!

Can I ask you a question?  Why do people poo poo so much on carnations?  I think they’re just dreamy But anyway…ALAS!  100! 100! 100!  I set out on this journey as a celebration the Mac was fixed back in … Continue reading

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mmm…dreamy. [98]

[photo] What is it about summertime that makes me dream of things like soft outdoor lighting and a refreshing beverage in my hand at all times?  I hear summer and I think warm nights and Coronas.  Or Bud Light Limes. … Continue reading

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almost done [96]

I’m sorry.  I’ve been so distracted lately with one stupid thing that every other element in my life has basically fallen into the “unimportant” category.  And that’s just not fair.  Everything will work out in it’s due time.  Until then I … Continue reading

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Home stretch [91]

I love you guys, but can I just say how excited I am to be in the last 10 days of this 100 day blogging challenge?  I don’t know why, but I’ve found it much harder to make it a … Continue reading

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