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Memorial Day!

I know I’ve mentioned before that I have a huge family.  So whenever we get the chance to get any portion of us together, we jump at it.  Memorial Day was one of those chances for us.  My oldest sister … Continue reading

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Family of 5 [54]

Currently my cat Webster is laying half on the armrest of the chair and across my left arm.  And Bailey is jumping crazily through the office with the carcass of a toy that she killed like a month ago hanging … Continue reading

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Can’t win for nothing! [54]

My sister retold this story this weekend and it just reminded me of how funny it really is. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a newlywed.  My husband and I got married in May last year.  And this … Continue reading

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When you stop missing something [34]

I had a strange revelation today.  And it’s one I’m kind of afraid and ashamed to admit. When we first moved here to Georgia, I would have done anything, and I mean anything, just to go home.  I missed the … Continue reading

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Family and things like it [29]

Tonight will be like two posts in one.  It’s a little “what are you reading” and a little personal.  Which is okay with me; is it okay with you? I just finished reading Sarah Dessen’s Lock and Key.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Thankful Tuesday [20]

Eh,  no juicy confessions today.  I guess I can confess that I…nope.  I’ve got nothing. Ever hear that Corey Smith song, The Good Life?  I feel like it’s a pretty good mirror for my life and how I feel right … Continue reading

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Long [3]

…What have you waited a long time for? (Old Friend From Far Away: Natalie Goldberg) I woke and realized how well rested I felt.  I was relieved that I’d slept so well; I hadn’t slept in days.  And then my … Continue reading

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Thursday Update

*I realize I’ve been a blog failure this week.  I’ve been in a funk and haven’t felt much like writing.* 1) Some changes have been going on around here lately, and as a result I had Monday and Tuesday off … Continue reading

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