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Friday Five [30]

1) Judge if you will, I’ve deiced to read Shopaholic Takes Manhattan next.  I read the first of the series years ago and have since seen the movie.  But it just seems like such a fun read.  And isn’t reading supposed … Continue reading

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A few things…

I’m not sure if most of you know or not, but I finally got a real, big girl job here in Athens.  Don’t let that fool you, I’m still dedicated to my writing career, but Hubs and I need to … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday

1) Did this week feel super long to anyone else?  I swear.  I woke up on Tuesday and actually groaned thinking it was Thursday.  This week just threw a bunch of “I don’t wanna” things at me.  And you know … Continue reading

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Happy Friday?

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.  But you know, life kind of gets in the way sometimes 1) My husband insists on shopping at one particular grocery store.  He swears the prices are cheaper, but I’m not entirely convinced.  But no … Continue reading

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