Things for Tuesday.

Things I love…

Planners and calendars!  I am obsessed with staying ultra organized!

Coffee.  Lots of it.  Especially peppermint mochas and White Chocolate mochas!


Being comfortable.  Cozy tops and comphy shoes are all I wear.  I’m a very casual kind of girl.

Pens.  Especially fancy ones like the Sharpies Pens.  I have a gazillion pens.  And it’s not enough.

Notebooks.  I have so many.  Too many.  Journals and lists and blog ideas and and and….


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Merry UnChristmas!

This weekend was such a fun one!  I got to celebrate the 1st birthday of the sweet little girl I nanny.  And one of my best friends came to town.  And we went out!  I’m an old lady who never goes out.  So Mr. Husband, Abby and I got all dolled up and ventured out to the Epicenter!  So! Much! Fun!

We had drinks and dinner at BlackFinn then headed up to Whisky River for more drinks and maybe even just a little dancing.  I made the huge mistake of wearing super tall platform heels.  I’m still paying for that mistake in soreness.  But they were hot!

Mr. Husband and I postponed our Christmas.  It only made sense to wait until he had a job.  But I was growing tired of the Christmas Tree hanging out in our living room, so we decided to do Christmas last night!  And you know what?  It was so wonderful.

We’ve decided once we have kids that we’ll do turkey on Christmas Eve and church.  Christmas morning will be brunch and Christmas dinner…steak!  Ain’t nothing wrong with steak!

So last night we decided to go out for our steak dinner.  We hit up Texas Land and Cattle and it was [as always] delicious.

Then we came home and changed into PJs for our Christmas!

[I’m sorry.  It didn’t dawn on me until halfway through to put the flash on.  I’m kind of a photo-failure]

Mr. Husband and his Brooks Brother’s shirts!

Happy happy wife with my Clarisonic Mia!  Best husband ever!

Another surprise: We’re going to Charleston!!
Merry  UnChristmas from The Hodgeses!

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I’m a failure & NAIL FILES!

[psst.  y’all.  it’s friday the thirteenth.  yikes!]

Something happened.

It’s been a week, and I’m just now ready to joke about it.  Because it is one of those palm-to-forehead-so-embarrassed-and-hate-yourself kind of moments.


Last week was a rough one.  It was just one of those weeks that everything was just a hair off.  And on top of that, the little boy I nanny was going through a whiney phase.  Which was making myself and his parents feel like we wanted to rip our hair out.

So come Friday night, I was so incredibly ready for a glass of wine and my sister and niece to arrive.

But I needed to get wine.  Oh, and like food.  Because we were getting company, and it’s usually nice to be able to feed them.

So I head over to Aldi, which is what everyone wants to do on a Friday night.  Grocery shop.

But I suffered through and filled my cart up.

I was so proud to get it all done before Mr. Husband got home and before my sister arrived.

[something you should know.  Aldi only takes cash or debit.  They cannot run anything through as credit.  Ever.  Even if you beg them.]

So I get to the check out.

And I wait forever.

Because they almost always only have 2 registers open.

And finally it’s my turn.  The lady rings me up.  Scans every single item in my cart.  And gives me the total.  I slide my card and……..

I can’t remember my pin.  It’s fallen out of my head.  I frantically type in the first thing that comes to mind.

wrong.  decline.

I try again.  oh gosh what is it what is it what is it?

declined again.


The lady cheerfully tells me, “You know, there’s an ATM right across the street.”

Uh, that’s great lady.  But I can’t remember my pin number.

And then she says it.  It a sing songy voice with a zillion people in line behind me watching this all unfold.

well I guess you have to leave, then.

Oh, the shame!  I turned so embarrassingly towards the exit and start to walk out.  And then it hits me.


Is it sad that was my first thought?  Probably.  So I go home and frantically search my house for my pin number.  But I was smart stupid and threw it away.  So I call the bank, and they’re glad to give it to me in the mail.  So no pin number.  No groceries.  And no wine!

So I suck it up and head to Food Lion to grab the necessities.  You know, wine, chocolate and stuff to make for breakfast the next day.  I was delighted because they had my favorite cheap red on sale for even cheaper, I grabbed a toblerone bar and some bisquick and was out the door.

Thank God for the wine.

Later that night, I finally get a chance to put stuff away.  And you know what?  The wine made it home and nothing else.  I left the darn bags at the store.

I am a grocery shopping failure.

{my pin finally arrived in the mail on Tuesday.  And I felt like such an idiot because I had the right numbers just in the wrong sequence.}

Today, I’m also linking up with Tara from Fabulous But Evil for my favorite link up!!

OPI Grape Fit with another OPI sparkles over it…can’t remember the name.  Sorry!

My niece takes nail polish to a whole new level!  20 different polishes, one for each finger and toe.  She loves her Aunt Jo; I have the best nail polish collection!

[sorry for the poor picture quality!]

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!  And here’s to no grocery shopping failures this week!

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A little this & that and It’s Okay!

Oh, gosh.  I’ve been a complete blogging failure this week.  I won’t even try to deny it.

And it’s not even like all that much has been going on

Except that I haven’t been sleeping well.  And I think I’m obsessed with that.  I spend all day thinking about sleep.  And needing sleep.  And wanting to go home and get right in my bed.  And then I get there…aaaaannnnnd  nothing.  WHY DO I SUCK SO MUCH AT SLEEPING?


Okay, enough of that.  You should probably be sure to stalk check my blog for the next segment of our love story!!  Missed the first one?  That’s okay.  See it here.

Mr. Husband started his new job just after Christmas, but this week was his first week as manager.  Fancy, right?  Right, except he’s been working open to close.  Which makes me a sad, lonely wife.  I’m definitely looking forward to next week when he’ll finally be on a normal schedule for the first time in. our. marriage!

It’s it’s okay thursday!  And it’s OKAY that it’s Thursday!!  Go link up with Neely and Amber!

It’s okay….

  • that I’m stoked that there’s a Starbucks right around the corner from the little boy’s school who I nanny.
  • that I’m a complete sleeping failure [still] and may soon move on to drinking heavily or taking hard narcotics just to get a good night in.  I’m totally kidding.  Kind of.
  • to feel like work days don’t count when I get off an hour early.
  • that I’ve completely lost my mind.
  • to be exciting to be planning a vacation with best friends for the summer that I’m already pretty certain we can’t afford.
  • to be nervous to get a haircut…even if it’s just a trim.
  • to have done a load of laundry on Sunday and for it to still be sitting in the dryer…

Have a good Thursday, friends!

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Sometimes & Always

I’m linking up with Megan over at Mackey Madness today!  Go show her some love.

Sometimes I look at my life and wonder how things can be so hard and how I can feel so lucky all at the same time.

Always: I’m entirely grateful for the life I’ve been given.

Sometimes I take extra precautions to make sure I can sleep at night {melatonin or sleep aid or something}

Always: I wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn and stare the clock down.

Sometimes I wonder how I would have really felt if I really had given Webster up

Always: I’m am so so glad he’s still here with me.  Snuggling, actually, as I type!

Sometimes while cooking dinner after work I get this overwhelming feeling of I’m adult.

Always: I brush it off and act totally child like with Mr. Husband.

{And this next one is backwards for yah!}

Always I plan to write my Sometimes & Always post the night before.

Sometimes I end up writing it at 6:30AM as I’m scarfing down a cup of coffee.

No, I’m not talking about today.  [ok. maybe I am.]

Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

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Nail Files!

I really wanted to paint my nails last night and blog about it.  Because you know, that’s the cool thing to do.

But then I fell asleep.

And lately, my nail polish chips the second I paint it.


I did want to link up with a new blogging friend Tara @ {Fabulous but Evil, duh!]because this might be my favorite link up yet!

[cutest link up name ever, right? right!]

And even though my nails are super bare right now, I’ll share with you a nail polish that I was OBSESSED with for a good month and a half.

Katy Perry’s OPI teenage dream

It’s LIKE a dream.  It’s sparkly and pink and come on…why wouldn’t you love it?

Happy FRIDAY LOVES!!!  Holy moly, I love Friday!

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It’s Okay!

I’m linking up today with Neely over at A Complete Waste of Makeup!  She’s trying to reach over 100 links today, so why don’t you participate?

It’s Okay:

  • that I’ve skipped breakfast every day this week and have hated myself for it
  • that I’m grouchy sometimes, especially in the mornings
  • that I suck at sleeping.  WHY is this?
  • that I got an idea for a blog post/story from this song (even though I don’t like the song)

  • to wish my mom would just come live with Mr. Husband and me.  It was easier with her here.
  • to feel so deeply sympathetic to my friends who are anxiously awaiting a certain piece of jewelry and who were left utterly disappointed after Christmas & New Years because I know exactly how that feels.
  • to want to hijack a Starbucks barista and hold them hostage in my kitchen and demand peppermint mochas from them.  I won’t, though.
  • to wish there were more hours in the day.  And more hours of daylight.
  • to want something to happen.  anything to happen to shake things up a bit.
  • to be flattered that so many people thought my ring was beautiful yesterday [thanks!]

Hope you all have a great Thursday!  We’re almost there.  We’ve almost survived our first week back to the grind.  [I’m sorry if it wasn’t your first week back after the Holidays!]

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