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Good [Monday] Morning!

Good morning!  I slept on the wrong side of our bed last night…all snuggled up in Mr. Husband’s spot.  And I woke up on the right side of the bed this AM!  Not literally, but you get the point. My … Continue reading

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Family and things like it [29]

Tonight will be like two posts in one.  It’s a little “what are you reading” and a little personal.  Which is okay with me; is it okay with you? I just finished reading Sarah Dessen’s Lock and Key.  I don’t … Continue reading

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What are you reading? [21]

Y’all?  I’m getting all confused.  Obviously, since I thought yesterday was confession tuesday which clearly it was not.  Today is supposed to be my day for confessions.  But you know what?  I make the rules here, so I’m going to … Continue reading

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A little all over the place

You guys?  We have THIS living on our neighbor’s window… And tonight she’s got dinner.  A large flying insect.  Seriously.  Her dinner is almost as large as she is.  And in the upper right corner of our neighbor’s window is … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday!

1) As most of you know, I’ve been a little homesick since moving to GA.  That, I suppose, is to be expected.  I’d lived my entire life in a safety bubble in NC.  Anyhoo, I have an editing playlist on … Continue reading

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This past weekend, while exchanging small talk with someone I don’t know, the typical question came up. “So what do you do?” Uhh… “Well, technically I’m a nanny, but I’m also working on the edits for my book.” The girl’s … Continue reading

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This month?  I am a blog fail.  And I can’t excuse it with busy-ness or illness or well, anything, really.  I just haven’t written.  And for that…I am sorry. I started (officially) my nanny job yesterday, and it’s going wonderfully! … Continue reading

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sweet summertime

I touched a little bit the other day about how I’ve been reading like crazy this summer.  I am usually the world’s slowest reader, but for some reason I’ve been able to blow through them. 1) True Colors: Kristin Hannah. … Continue reading

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