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A little this & that and It’s Okay!

Oh, gosh.  I’ve been a complete blogging failure this week.  I won’t even try to deny it. And it’s not even like all that much has been going on Except that I haven’t been sleeping well.  And I think I’m … Continue reading

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Fun Fact! I grew up drinking soda.  Which in my house we called Coke. It didn’t matter if it was sprite or pepsi or whatever. It was Coke. Which also happens to be my drink of choice. Not Diet. Not … Continue reading

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2011: Year in review

Wow.  2011.  You might have kind of kicked my butt.  It was our first FULL year being married.  And we sure had some ups and some pretty deep downs.  We are a very blessed couple, and I’m excited to see … Continue reading

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Webster’s Tale

This is Webster.  He is about 3 years old.  And in his little life has been very stressful.  He came to live with me when he was just a tiny little kitten. Shortly after he turned a year old, we … Continue reading

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[photo] ahhhh, so nice. So far today I’ve…. snuggled with husband snuggled with kitties fought George to snuggle with husband some more drank coffee watched HIMYM flipped between CLICK and parking lot wars made & eaten breakfast finally showered but … Continue reading

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[photo] Today I’m going to spend the day drinking lots of coffee and working on finishing the tense shift on the novel that I wrote almost two years ago and then left neglected on the floor of my husband’s closet … Continue reading

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Life Lately..

Hi Friends!  So things have been busy lately.  Lots of working and cleaning and well, you know, the normal stuff.  I’ve been reading lots lately too, which only reminds me that I really need to wear my glasses while I’m … Continue reading

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