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[photo] Today I’m going to spend the day drinking lots of coffee and working on finishing the tense shift on the novel that I wrote almost two years ago and then left neglected on the floor of my husband’s closet … Continue reading

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The act of wanting…

7 Wants This one is a little complicated for me because I’ve been working on my “wants” lately.  I realized a few months ago that no matter what I had or how well things were going, I always wanted more.  … Continue reading

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Wine. Chocolate. Breathe.

Today was rough.  As the three year old I watch opened his mouth and shouted on repeat through hysterical tears: I WANT MY MOMMY, I had to stop myself from crumpling onto the floor and responding: You know what, kid? … Continue reading

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I’m behind…like waaaay behind.  I don’t know how this keeps happening.  Life just gets in the way of this little blog sometimes.  I apologize.  I’m here now, though. Coming in the next few days in my blogging world: Our Anniversary … Continue reading

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[photo] I want so much.  I always have and always probably will.  And I don’t always see that as a negative quality because without wanting we’d never make anything happen.  But sometimes I get so overwhelmed and I start to … Continue reading

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Anyway [95]

Lately, I’ve needed reminders like this.  And tonight my favorite contestant on American Idol sang this song.  It’s so appropriate in my world right now.  And I bet a lot of you can relate right now. Do it anyway.  Do it … Continue reading

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Coasters! [92]

Okay.  Remember that little survey thing I posted a few nights ago about His and Hers?  And it asked who was neater, and I said when it came to cups that Mr. Hubs was?  Well.  This is Mr. Husband playing … Continue reading

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The in-between kind of life

A perpetual state of the in-between.  It’s what I feared I’d be in when I moved home after college instead of following suit of my classmates and moving on my own into a fancy apartment with a fancy job.  Funnily … Continue reading

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Today at church, I paid special attention to the sermon.  While it can apply to anyone generally in life, I couldn’t help finding that it applied very specifically to my writing career. The Pastor spoke about Corrections.  Which he explained … Continue reading

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Happy Friday?

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.  But you know, life kind of gets in the way sometimes 1) My husband insists on shopping at one particular grocery store.  He swears the prices are cheaper, but I’m not entirely convinced.  But no … Continue reading

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