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Blogger Ornament Swap

Let me just tell you, this was so much fun!  I normally always sit stuff like this out.  I hesitated because money is tight and who wants to battle the post office voluntarily during the holidays?  But I’m so, so … Continue reading

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Life Lately..

Hi Friends!  So things have been busy lately.  Lots of working and cleaning and well, you know, the normal stuff.  I’ve been reading lots lately too, which only reminds me that I really need to wear my glasses while I’m … Continue reading

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Whatcha been up to?

I did a little past blasting yesterday.  I scrolled through my facebook wall way back to when Mr. Husband and I were first engaged.  I’d forgotten how crazy, bizarre and busy things were.  I was constantly looking for a job, … Continue reading

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Hold on, wait a minute…

Despite my lack of sleep last night thanks to a sick pup, I had quite a good day!  I’m so happy with the kids I watch (and very proud that the 4 year old’s behavior has started to turn around … Continue reading

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5 Foods

Have I mentioned lately how much I love coffee?  No?  Well, just to put it out there.  I do.  I love it a lot. I’m lacking motivation lately.  I’m not entirely sure why.  I’m sure I’d feel much better if … Continue reading

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6 Places…

I’m going to warn you.  I took a tylenol PM about 7 minutes ago so this post may end abruptly. 6 places The Dickens’s House: this will probably always be my number one favorite place.  It’s home.  It looks like … Continue reading

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Comfort food: Chicken Pot Pie!

One of my go-to recipes for a filling, comforting meal.  It’s simple, delicious and will definitely impress company (if you happen to have any!) I had this meal for the first time when I went to visit a friend of … Continue reading

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Settled Down…

I’ve been working this last week to finally settle into our house.  I know you’re probably thinking, “gee, didn’t you move in like two months ago?”  Yes.  We did.  But life took off pretty quickly (thank God) when we got … Continue reading

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You won’t believe it!

I haven’t fallen off the face of the world or anything, I swear. I’ve just been really busy. What could be so important that it keeps me away from blogland, one might ask! Well, lots I guess. Like I went … Continue reading

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Never forget. We will never ever forget.

[photo] Today, I am twenty-five years old.  I am married to a man I knew this day ten years ago.  I am still best friends with the girl I was developing a friendship with this day ten years ago.  I … Continue reading

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