Love Story pt 1

I had a string of relationships in high school.  And when I didn’t have a boyfriend, there was always a boy.  Somewhere.  That I was crushing on.  Looking back at my high school journals now makes me cringe a little bit.  I was completely boy crazy.  Crazy for all the boys except for one.  The one that mattered the most.


Mr. Husband and I met in middle school.  In our 8th grade PE/Health class to be exact.  Yes, we got to know each other wearing awkward gym clothes and learning about sex.  All while dodging our teacher Chester Hester Child Molester!

High school rolled around, and like I said, I was always attached.  Mr. Husband would always have a gift for me at Christmas time or a card on Valentine’s Day.  He always sat next to me during the Winterfest Assembly.  And it was just kind of this known thing that he liked me.  I even knew on some level.  He was a nice, cute guy.  But for some reason, my feelings weren’t reciprocated.

Our sophomore year, we decided to give it a go.  And by we, I mean…I wrote him a note in  History class just babbling.  I was a hard-core note writer.  Because if I wasn’t writing notes, I’d have to pay attention, duh.  A few days after I handed him the note, he passed one back.  However, his was two pages typed and literally addressed everything I’d mentioned in mine.  How polite!


In his note, he mentioned that the upcoming weekend he was planning to go out to eat and asked if I wanted to join.  Our friend was having an improve show, so we made plans. He was already driving, so he offered to pick me up.  It was a date.  Or was it?  I wasn’t sure.  I wasn’t even sure I wanted it to be.  But alas, the day came and he came to pick me up.  I had a terrible habit of getting busy and forgetting to eat.  Who am I kidding?  Sometimes I still do that.  But either way, when he picked me up, I was starving.  And at that time, I ate exactly two things while out to eat: chicken tenders and french fries.  That. Is. It.  He suggested a place called Panera (I’d never heard of it) and chicken tenders weren’t on the menu!!!  And also?  I had no money.  He offered to pay, but I panicked and just said I wasn’t hungry.  why oh why did I say that!?  So what did I do?  I watched him eat. AWKWARD!!


We found our way to the theatre our friend’s show was at, and the parking lot was empty. What?  We either had the day or the time wrong…or both.  There was no show and I was relieved because then I could just go home and eat!  We sat in the parking lot forever debating what to do.  I shot down every idea he had.  [I wasn’t a very nice girl, I realize].  I was hoping he’d just take me home.

He suggested bowling.  I looked down at my feet, “I’m wearing flip flops.  No socks, sorry.”

You know what he did next?  He freaking drove to target and bought me a package of socks!!!!  Oh, my GOSH!

On the way to the bowling alley, the light behind his stereo went out.  The car didn’t stop driving and the engine wasn’t blowing up.  But he seemed really concerned about it.  So he wanted to stop somewhere with a diagnostic machine ????  So he pulls into a JUST TIRES and rolls his window down. He asks about the diagnostic machine, and the tech replies exactly what was running through my head.  “Nah, dude.  We JUST do TIRES.”

take me home.  take me home.  please take me home!!  I was so embarrassed for him!

We finally find a shop and he runs into a store to get some replacement spark plugs.  I call my best friend briefly and explain my horror!  He gets back in the car, and I suggest that we just call it a night.


It was the longest, most uneventful first date, if you could even call it that, in history.  I felt so bad that I at least invited him in when we finally got to my house.  He stayed briefly and I awkwardly thanked him for the socks.  He left and I stuffed my face.

It was years later that we finally found our groove.  But lots happened before we ever did.  Stay tuned for the next segment of our love story!

About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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4 Responses to Love Story pt 1

  1. husband says:

    it was fuses, not spark plugs. accurate otherwise

  2. Julie says:

    Hahaha I love husband’s comment! And I love love stories, so keep ’em coming! :)

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