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2011: Year in review

Wow.  2011.  You might have kind of kicked my butt.  It was our first FULL year being married.  And we sure had some ups and some pretty deep downs.  We are a very blessed couple, and I’m excited to see … Continue reading

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Webster’s Tale

This is Webster.  He is about 3 years old.  And in his little life has been very stressful.  He came to live with me when he was just a tiny little kitten. Shortly after he turned a year old, we … Continue reading

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Sometimes & Always

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spent some lovely time with family and friends! I’m linking up today with Megan from Mackey Madness! Sometimes I want to buy up all the make up from Bare Essentials. Always: … Continue reading

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It’s Okay

It’s okay that this is my first time linking up with Neely over at A Complete Waste Of Makeup for It’s Okay Thursday It’s okay that I made a pretty huge, drastic decision this week and allowed myself to be … Continue reading

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Sometimes & Always

I’m linking up with Megan from Mackey Madness for Sometimes & Always! Sometimes I want to eat really healthily, work out and become super tone and sexy I Always end up eating what I’m craving and sitting on my butt. Sometimes I wish … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Bunny!!

You are my friend.  You are my rock.  You are my comedian.  You are a wonderful doggy daddy.  You are the love of my life. Thanks for all that you do.  And thanks for being you.  And today, we celebrate … Continue reading

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[photo] ahhhh, so nice. So far today I’ve…. snuggled with husband snuggled with kitties fought George to snuggle with husband some more drank coffee watched HIMYM flipped between CLICK and parking lot wars made & eaten breakfast finally showered but … Continue reading

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FIGHT like a girl

Can I be real for a minute? ‎”I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure … Continue reading

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Love Story pt 1

I had a string of relationships in high school.  And when I didn’t have a boyfriend, there was always a boy.  Somewhere.  That I was crushing on.  Looking back at my high school journals now makes me cringe a little … Continue reading

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Blogger Ornament Swap

Let me just tell you, this was so much fun!  I normally always sit stuff like this out.  I hesitated because money is tight and who wants to battle the post office voluntarily during the holidays?  But I’m so, so … Continue reading

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