Lessons: The Hard Way Series

So as I mentioned before, I wanted to start a guest blogging series.  I thought long and hard about what would be the best theme.  When I started this blog, I wanted to use it as an outlet for myself, but I also wanted it to be a tool for young women around the world to have the opportunity to see that they aren’t alone.  I’ve strayed a little bit from things as my life has progressed, but I wanted to stick true to all of that with my series.  So without further adieu, my series: 

Lessons: The Hard Way  

Megan, from Mackey Madness, was kind and gracious enough to agree to be my very first appearance!  And she is just a doll.  I love reading about her life and love for her job and husband and her furbabies!  Now, show her some love!

Hi there new friends! My name is Megan and I’m here today from Mackey Madness.

I’m Southern, obviously. : )
I am super pumped to be here today sharing a lesson that I’ve learned the hard way. This is such a great topic and one that we can ALL learn from. It pretty much stinks to learn a lesson the hard way, but hey, it’s a part of life.
My hard lesson learned starts with my first year of college. I had never really had a serious boyfriend and within the first two months of college, this guy swept me off of my feet. He was not only cute, but also sweet and fun…not to mention he was sarcastic and athletic. I was in love. We dated my entire first year of college and things were about as perfect as any relationship can be. Just when I thought that things were meant to be, I found out that he had been lying to me about some things. He wasn’t cheating or anything like that, but he was definitely keeping some secrets from me.
We did the whole dramatic break up and it lasted for oh, maybe a week. Then he promised to change and I naively took him back. We continued to date for the next three years of college. We had several more super dramatic breakups. There were lots of tears, lots of sorrow, lots of broken promises, and lots of getting back togethers. Looking back, I was insanely stupid, but in the moment, I was super in love and not willing to accept the reality that we weren’t right for each other.
I graduated a year before him and we continued to date while I moved an hour away. Once we were further apart, it was so easy for me to see that we weren’t right for each other. I was terrified to break up with him because we had been together for 5 years at this time. I didn’t want to hurt him either. For several months, I prayed for strength and courage…and then I finally ended things with him…for good.
It was hard, of course. Even though I knew that we weren’t meant to be, I still cared about him. He tried to call and text me a lot, but I knew that I had to ignore him to be able to move on. It was definitely the hardest lesson that I ever learned…that I couldn’t change someone regardless of how much we loved each other. I invested so much time and love into him, yet all along I had that nagging feeling that it wasn’t right. I learned that I needed to listen to my gut and trust that God wouldn’t make my soul mate someone who would hurt me time and time again.
Two and a half years later, I’m happily married and in the most stable, loving relationship. And I truly thank God for bringing me to this point and to my amazing husband.
I hope that all of y’all listen to your heart and follow God’s will for your life…and end up with the perfect love!
Thanks so much for having me, Joey!

Isn’t she a doll?  Thanks so much for sharing, Megan.  And I’m sure there are so many out there who have gone through something similar!  

 Thanks everyone for stopping by!  Be sure to keep a look out for Lessons: The Hard Way each month!  And if you have a lesson (or 2 or 5 or or or) that you’ve heard the hard way that you’d like to share, contact me at iwrite23 [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll add you to the line up!

About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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6 Responses to Lessons: The Hard Way Series

  1. Corley says:

    Jo, what a great idea! Megan’s post definitely rings true for me – I dated the same “wrong” guy for 3 years off and on in college because I didn’t really think I would find anyone else. I was also really into defending him when my parents talked badly about him. I look back now with such relief that things didn’t work out – it’s good to know other girls have the same rocky relationships in their closets :)

  2. Heather says:

    I love Megan! I also definitely dated the wrong guy for quite some time! God definitely has a better plan than us!

  3. Alisha says:

    I think we’ve all learned a few lessons the hard way. Like Megan, I spent 3 years of my college days with one guy that I knew deep down I was settling for and knew we went meant for each other. Our Heavenly Father always wants what’s best for us and has our best interest at heart!

    Nice to meet you Jo! :)

  4. Megan says:

    Thanks so much for having me!! This is such a great series idea!! You are THE best!!

  5. Julie says:

    I completely identify with this! I actually made this mistake twice, but finally had the courage to end it and realize it’s not meant to be. Great post, Meg! And I love this series, Joey!

  6. becky says:

    I really appreciate that honesty! I think so many of us have been there, done that. It is so nice to hear about others who have had the same battles! AND, Meg and her husband are so so cute!!

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