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swirl baby, swirl

Look what I did today: I frosted and decorated an entire tray [24] of red velvet cupcakes and eight texas milk chocolates [the ones in the back with the little stars on top].  I’m the main closer, so at the … Continue reading

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100! 100! 100! 100! 100!

Can I ask you a question?  Why do people poo poo so much on carnations?  I think they’re just dreamy But anyway…ALAS!  100! 100! 100!  I set out on this journey as a celebration the Mac was fixed back in … Continue reading

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For you [99]

[photo] Hi.  These are for you.  Because you guys are the best.  And you’ve stuck with me through the last 99 days.  And it seems cliche to give these to you tomorrow.  So on the eve of my 100th day, … Continue reading

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mmm…dreamy. [98]

[photo] What is it about summertime that makes me dream of things like soft outdoor lighting and a refreshing beverage in my hand at all times?  I hear summer and I think warm nights and Coronas.  Or Bud Light Limes. … Continue reading

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Such a tummy ache [97]

[photo] I heard there were cupcakes.  I’ll take one.  Or a hundred. I am so full.  Stuffed full of cupcakes.  Sometimes I like to pretend like I am strong and that I can resist them, but who am I kidding? … Continue reading

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almost done [96]

I’m sorry.  I’ve been so distracted lately with one stupid thing that every other element in my life has basically fallen into the “unimportant” category.  And that’s just not fair.  Everything will work out in it’s due time.  Until then I … Continue reading

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Anyway [95]

Lately, I’ve needed reminders like this.  And tonight my favorite contestant on American Idol sang this song.  It’s so appropriate in my world right now.  And I bet a lot of you can relate right now. Do it anyway.  Do it … Continue reading

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