I want so much.  I always have and always probably will.  And I don’t always see that as a negative quality because without wanting we’d never make anything happen.  But sometimes I get so overwhelmed and I start to drown in all my wanting.  And that’s wrong.  That’s bad.  Because I forget sometimes that we all have to pay our dues.  I forget often that everyone makes something for themselves.  No one, at least not a lot of us, get things handed to us.  Not all married couples are immediately financially stable.  Or have houses.  Or have their careers take off right off the bat.  Or have savings.  Or…or..or.  Small beginnings.  I forget that it’s important to come from small beginnings because it makes everything worth that much more.

But it’s hard sometimes to remember that things will ultimately get better.  Mr. Hubs won’t always be in school and we won’t always be a single income family surviving on cupcakes alone [no, not eating them…selling them ;)].  As we approach our one year anniversary [on Sunday, can you believe it?], we’ve been talking a lot to family.  They’ve congratulated us and have asked how we feel, what we think.  What do we think?  It’s been an awfully hard hard year.  My gosh, we’ve encountered so much that I’d never expect–especially not all at once.  And there was so much that we just weren’t prepared for.

But as I look over the last year I’m thankful for one constant.  We always had each other.  Everything we went through, we went through together.  We were partners.  And through it all somehow we’ve still managed to fall deeper in love with each other.

One year of marriage under our belt is nice.  But almost 8 years of learning to attack life together is so much more impressive.

from small beginnings come great things.

About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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  1. susielindau says:

    Baby steps are good!

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