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I keep on faaaalllllliiiiinnnnngggg [78]

You know, except for the whole “intentional slipping” thing…this is exactly what happened to me at work tonight. Happy Easter, everyone! Advertisements

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1) My favorite song right now: 2) I may or may not have just finished off a carton of ice cream.  Well, technically frozen yogurt.  That means it doesn’t count, right?  On the bright side though, I haven’t eaten a … Continue reading

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When childhood best friends grow up [76]

Please don’t judge me.  But I may have just searched the above video in youtube and was immediately transported to my childhood while listening and watching.  Remember that friend I mentioned yesterday who is PREGNANT?  Well, confession: her sisters and I … Continue reading

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What I’m Loving Wednesday [75]

Today I’m in a weird mood.  And it’s a little difficult for me to find “what I’m loving” right about now.  But isn’t that kind of the point of these posts anyway?  To remind us that the week is nearly … Continue reading

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far, far away [74]

Can we go back here, please?  Where is here?  That’s our honeymoon resort: Secrets Capri in Playa Del Carmen Mexico.  And man, was it fabulous.  I’d never been on a trip like that before.  Everything was so easy.  And so … Continue reading

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Win: couponing [73]

So you guys remember in yesterday’s post I mentioned that Mr. Hubs was couponing?  This isn’t something we are accustomed to.  Not at all, actually.  We typically grocery shop on Mondays at Piggly Wiggly because they do a 10% student … Continue reading

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My 1st Craft!! [72]

Ta-da!!  I did it.  I bought the supplies and spent several days working on and completing my first craft!  I’m uber excited about it too. My Coffee Filter Wreath Step 1) Buy the following supplies: Coffee filters (I used about … Continue reading

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