Happy Friday?

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.  But you know, life kind of gets in the way sometimes

1) My husband insists on shopping at one particular grocery store.  He swears the prices are cheaper, but I’m not entirely convinced.  But no matter though, this one grocery store does not carry K cups for my Keurig single cup coffee maker.  And unless I remember at another time to pick some up, I end up in the situation I ended up in come Wednesday of this week.  No coffee.  Have you met me in the AM before coffee?  Let me tell you, it’s not pretty.  And you’d think I’d remember to pick some up Wednesday afternoon, but of course I didn’t.  So on Thursday morning, not wanting to go back to Starbucks for a $4 coffee order screw up (they gave me the wrong drink and I didn’t realize it until I got to work), I decided to hit the gas station on the corner.  That’s were I discovered their French Vanilla Cappuccinos.  Oh. My. Gosh.  And their medium size?  Only a buck!  I’m worried I may never buy K cups again.  Which reminds me, I need to go to the store….

2) I am currently in a position where I am trying to convince myself to grow a pair of, well…you know.  It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in an apartment situation (college being the last time).  And I’d forgotten what it’s like to have your neighbors so close.  And for someone who enjoys going to bed at a decent hour and enjoys their quiet time, noisy neighbors are our kryptonite.  I can be the nicest person until you disturb me over and over and over again in my home.  And then, well.  I just get ugly.  But I get ugly talking to the walls and the ceilings.  I just can’t ever bring myself to say anything to them.  Which then upsets my husband because he’s not bothered by their noise like I am, but he is bothered by me constantly huffing and waving my hands in the direction of the noise.  Which, I tried to explain to him is how the noise bothers him and that he should go say something to them.  But somehow, that didn’t exactly work out how I wanted it to. :)

3) I took this week off from edits because I was just having such a hard time focusing.  I was really sick last weekend, and I was still trying to recover this week.  And I was overall exhausted all week long.  So I felt like it would be better to take a break instead of putting a half assed effort into it.  And it doesn’t help that I’ve still been reading like crazy which only makes me realize other things in my own novel that I want to change.  I have the feeling this book is never going to get done.

4) I got a phone call yesterday as I was leaving work.  I was kind of flustered trying to balance my bags and grab the phone and unlock my doors that when I did answer and the lady on the other end asked for “Mrs. H,” I immediately told her she had the wrong number and hung up.  As I was backing my car out, it hit me.  Duh.  I’m married now and my name is Mrs. H.  I called back and had to explain to the vet’s office why I’d hung up on them.  Embarrassing?  Sure.  Not as embarrassing though as the poor receptionist felt today.  Yesterday, she explained to me that they needed to get another urine sample from Webster to make sure the antibiotics did their job and kicked the infection.  I asked if I needed to come in and get another syringe so I could, you know, bring in another sample.  She explained to me that nono, it’s okay.  We’ll just chase him around with a ladle.  Uh?  Ok?  When I walked into the office today with Webster and explained who we were, she took one look at my crate and reacted.  “Webster’s a CAT?”  Uh, yes lady.  He was a cat the last time he came in and he’s still a cat.  Needless to say, she gave me the syringe I needed and sent me on my way.  I wondered how they were going to chase my cat around with a ladle, but you know, they’re the professionals!

5) I’ve started decorating the house for fall.  Because, well you know, it’s September.  But fall in Boone and fall in Athens are two very different seasons.  Right now in Boone, you need a light jacket in the mornings and can feel a crisp to the air.  You start to retire your flip flops for closed toe shoes, and you can rock those cute little scarves.  Here?  Well, here it’s still 90 degrees.  Will fall ever really get here?  I’m beginning to worry.  But either way, I’m making it fall in this house.  So I will light my pumpkin spice candles and put out my leaf shaped candy dishes and live in a world of pretend.

About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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