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Thursday Update

*I realize I’ve been a blog failure this week.  I’ve been in a funk and haven’t felt much like writing.* 1) Some changes have been going on around here lately, and as a result I had Monday and Tuesday off … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday

1) I’ve got dinner cooking right now.  My mom’s (actually, my Grandmother’s) sauce recipe with homemade meatballs and spaghetti.  There’s just something about having this aroma in the air that comforts my heart and puts me right back into my … Continue reading

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The Tough Stuff

I remember having days back in high school when I’d sit in my bedroom at the end of the day, ready for bed, and have a CD on repeat.  The CD typically changed through out the years, but the chant … Continue reading

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I know that it’s natural to go through phases in your life and in your career, but when you’re supposed to be self motivated to make something happen, it’s hard to get through the difficult phases. For some reason I’m … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday

1) Did this week feel super long to anyone else?  I swear.  I woke up on Tuesday and actually groaned thinking it was Thursday.  This week just threw a bunch of “I don’t wanna” things at me.  And you know … Continue reading

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Young Bride

I had a friend message me today who is about to get married asking me if it’s normal to get pre-wedding jitters.  It’s funny to me how something as simple as a message like that can put me right back … Continue reading

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Today at church, I paid special attention to the sermon.  While it can apply to anyone generally in life, I couldn’t help finding that it applied very specifically to my writing career. The Pastor spoke about Corrections.  Which he explained … Continue reading

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