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Hi guys, Welcome to my soon-to-be new home.  Can you believe it?  I get to live somewhere so quaint and adorable. I got to meet with the landlord of our place this weekend, too.  J had signed our lease and … Continue reading

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Do you ever long for direction?  If you have as poor a sense of direction as I do, then you probably answered yes.  I mean to ask that question vaguely.  What kind of direction, you may ask.  It doesn’t matter. … Continue reading

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on (the) edge?

You stand there, inches from nothingness.  Your heart races, but you feel calm.  The cool air prickles your skin, but it’s refreshing.  Everything you hate stands behind you; it’s what’s pushing you, really.  The emptiness that stands before you…well, you … Continue reading

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I’m DONE! Guys…I’m SHAKING!  I can’t believe that I can actually say that I am finished writing the first draft of my first novel.  No.  I just can’t believe that at all! I was very nervous and shook while writing … Continue reading

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…it’s time.

(there will probably be a lot of personal posts this week as I finish things up with the book and try to cope with all the emotions that come with it.) Y’all.  I have the entire day off.  I have … Continue reading

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Do you want it badly enough?

We see people who make their own dreams come true.  We see them on television shows like American Idol and we hear about them in wonderful interviews and they fill our hearts with pride for them and hope for us. … Continue reading

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March: please bring spring!

Oh March.  March March March.  I am so stinking happy to see you!  Please tell me that you brought your good friend SPRING with you.  I just don’t know if I can take another day of winter.  Really.  Let’s get … Continue reading

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