kindness: a rarity [67]

I spent my afternoon today at Starbucks reading.  I had my Ipod with me, but I’m always careful to put it on a volume that I am still able to hear what is going on around me.  I got my grande white mocha and settled in the back corner along side a couple of girls who looked to be a little bit younger than me.  They had pages splattered all over the table, and one girl had a very troubled look on her face.  It seemed that she was on the brink of tears.

After being there for about thirty minutes, I discovered their roles.  The girl who looked troubled was being tutored in mathematics.  And the other young girl with her had the patience of a saint.  The troubled girl was trying so so hard, but she just wasn’t getting it.  Her tutor just continued to encourage her and help her make sense of it all.  It really warmed my heart to hear another person truly caring for the well-being of another.  
That scene, however, painfully reminded me of my very own mathematic tutoring days.  I, too, had a tutor who had the patience of a saint who really taught me the things I thought I’d never understand.  I remember sitting at my kitchen table with the same tears in my eyes as that girl.  I remember that clogged throat feeling of pure frustration.  I remember thinking I would never understand.  My tutor was only a year older than I was, and he was actually a good friend at the time.  He was so smart and patient and calm.  He made it all make sense to me.  I never did as well in a math class as I did while he was tutoring me.  Nothing felt as good back then as finding him in the band room after my math class with a glowing A and only having him to thank!  I’d almost forgotten about all of that until I saw those two girls today.  Something that was so instrumental in my life back then had simply fallen out of my mind many years later.  It only makes me wonder how many other acts of kindness done by people who cared about me have gone forgotten?  
The saddest thing of all is that I could most likely sit here and tell you every single comment or act that pulled me down.  Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will always hurt you.

About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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