can you come out to play? [21]

So tonight I have decided to partake in some good old fashioned let loose kind of fun. Doesn’t everyone need that every once in a while? Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the monotony of the day to day that we forget to not only take time for ourselves, but we also lose the opportunities for fun with our friends. People forget about the days that we’d spend alllllllll day in school, come home & do homework as quickly as possible, then we’d gather our friends up and play outside until the sun went down. How come we can’t seem to find the time to do that anymore? We get up-go to work, then we’re so beat by time we get home that the idea of doing anything other than just sitting on the couch to watch TV seems out of the question.

So tonight, since I hardly find the time for friends anymore, I decided to grab the fiance & head over to my “broder’s” house. Often times “hanging out” means being very socially active or going out which none of us really feel like doing anymore-especially on a week night. We decided to have a fun night of ROCKBAND! Now let me tell you, I suck. But that’s part of the fun of it all! I’d forgotten how much fun a night of simple “hanging out” could be!!

So this is me, reporting in from my blackberry-while I sit out a round of rockband.

PS- I tried to upload pictures from my phone but I couldn’t figure it out. Ill add a twitpic though- you can check it out there :)


About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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