You don’t have to call anymore. I won’t pick up the phone…

The most recent chapter of my life is over. In the best way.  Finally.  So quickly.  Though it was brief, it was completely necessary.  It is not something in my life that I would have been able to skip.  Though it was horrible, it is not something in my life that I would have wanted to miss.  I’ve learned more in the past five months about what I DON’T want to do than I learned in all four years of college.  

The lessons I’ve learned:
–Always go with your gut.  When I pulled up for the first interview at the Brier Creek location, I had a very negative feeling.  It was dark and cold outside, and from the front parking spot, the salon looked almost haunted.  It was filled with a certain cliental that I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable with, but I seriously pushed the feeling away, grabbed my bag, and walked in.  Mistake #1.
–Observe and make note of the employee environment.  When you see that all the employees who were hired at the same time you were are all gone within the first 45 days, know something is up.  
–Listen to your body.  It is one thing to come home sore, that’s to be expected.  But when you are coming home at night with monstrous bruises all over your body, it might be a higher power trying to tell you something.  It may even be trying to tell you “This job is going to hurt you.”
–Listen to policy and make a decision if you agree with it.  If you don’t, take it as a sign.  Policies are often a reflection of the operation of the salon and a direct reflection of the owners morals and priorities.  You are not their number one, whether you are a customer or an employee.  Are you okay with that? 
–Listen to reason.  When you have to play a game of “hit or miss” with using the restroom, listen to those voices in your head telling you it isn’t fair.  
–Listen to the silence (or lack there of).  When your cell phone is singing at all hours of the day and night signaling phone calls & text messages from employees and owners with questions and concerns that they should be able to answer and deal with on their own–you should run. Far. Far. Away.  Especially when this starts after three days of employment.
–Listen to the horror stories.  When more than one employee (and even one of the owners) has told you about the anger issues of the other owner, take note.  You are not exempt from this just because that particular owner likes you.  You will see his wrath.  It will not be pleasant.  It will not be fun.  You will want to slap him.  Walk away.
–Observe your daily duties and compare them to your job’s description to be certain your pay is appropriate.  When you notice that you are going above and beyond your call of duty.  Run.  Run fast.  Because before you know it you’ll be cleaning someone else’s urine from a trash can.  more. than. once.  For eight dollars an hour….
–Observe the owners’ method of resolving issues.  Also observe their pace.  If a customer complains about a certain issue or a certain employee and the owners basically lie to the customer and laugh it off when they walk away: know something is very wrong.  Especially when their lack of action reflects directly on you.  When the owners complain constantly about certain issues themselves and do absolutely nothing to resolve the issues, leave.
–Pay attention to fairness.  When you realize that one of your co-workers/employees makes more money working part time at a small boutique than you do managing a salon, take note and either confront the employers and discuss a raise, or find something new.  quickly.
–Pay attention to your down time.  If you are spending your nights and weekends either fielding accusing texts/phone calls/emails or dealing with upset employees who are dealing with the those texts/phone calls/ emails–quit.  Life is simply too short to be stuck doing something you hate for people who don’t respect you.  
I went to a staffing agency last week, and all it did was reaffirm my confidence.  I have been selling myself short.  I have a college degree.  I am competent.  I am customer service oriented.  I enjoy people.  I’m organized.  I apparently have great word & excel experience and actually placed above average in those categories.  I will find something else.  I have to.
After the drama with Trish, the owners, and myself this weekend–I walked into a battlefield today.  Well, mine wasn’t nearly as bad as Trish’s was since I was A) warned by Trish and B) I had already called the owner out on his unprofessional behavior in a very professional but nasty email explaining that I did not appreciate his 11pm text messages nor his accusations.  Whether he’d admit it or not, he was afraid of me today.  When I arrived to work, I played dumb.  I’m actually very good at that :).  I said hello.  I asked where Trish was (as she was supposed to be the opener).  We made small talk.  Then he sat on the counter top.  I always know that a speech is coming when he does that.  I think he does it to make himself taller.  He isn’t a very intimidating man heigh wise.  Plus he’s orange.  Who takes an oompa loompa seriously anyway?  He explained his dilemma (whatever that really was?)  and tried to make sense of nothing.  So after about five minutes of him trying to talk himself out of a paper bag (which I saw going on forever), I finally just asked “Do you just want me to turn in my key and leave?”  He almost looked relieved not to have to talk anymore.  
What an idiot.  
He was so worried about how he was going to handle the salon once Trish and I were gone, so the remedy for that situation…go ahead and get rid of us?  Brilliant :)
Well.  I don’t have to answer anymore.  So you don’t have to call.  Because I won’t pick up the phone.

About JoElizabeth

I am a writer who loves to explore all different types of relationships. I am most happy when surrounded by my loved ones and furry children. I've never met a stranger, and I talk way too much. My favorite things to do are eat {preferably at a restaurant} with good friends, write, watch DVDs of TV series {especially FRIENDS}, drink lots of coffee and learn.
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